Helpful Consignment Tips

What are we NOT looking for?

Items that we do not sell as well: 

Dress pants, Business suits, Formal wear

Items we do not accept: Clothes purchased over 5 years a go (unless they are classic pieces), Costumes, Wedding dresses, Undergarments and basics.

We do not accept clothing purchased from Walmart, Kmart and Old Navy.We are selective on items we accept from Target, Forever 21, H&M and Gap.

We accept clothing on a seasonal basis-

Seasonal Calendar: 

Accepting Spring: February

Accepting Summer:May

Accepting Fall: August

Accepting Winter: October

Customers generally buy items based on the current weather. We suggest bringing in seasonal items based on when you are wearing them. ( For example: If its cold enough to consistently wear a coat then it is a good time to consign them) We may adjust these times based on the weather and customer demand. Please call us at 636-279-3968 with any questions and to see what we are currently accepting.

What are we looking for?

Items that we sell well:

Tops, Designer Jeans, Designer Purses, Jewelry, Athletic wear and Shoes

Brands we sell well: Lululemon Athletica, Patagonia. Free people, Frye, Tory Burch, Anthropologie, Chicos, White House Black Market

Final Checklist

-All items are recently laundered and brought in on hangers (purses, shoes and jeans may be in bags)

-Your clothes are without stains, holes, pilling, missing buttons, broken zippers, severe wrinkles, are free of pet hair and smoke.

- Jewelry is separated in Ziploc bags (please no jewelry boxes) All clasps are in place, there are no missing stones or pieces and all earrings have backs. 

- Footwear must be clean inside and out. If you are bringing in leather shoes and boots, buff them with a leather conditioner and polish. (the better your items look, the more money you will make) Please do not bring in shoes in their boxes.

-Clothing should be items that have been purchased in the last couple of years unless they are classic pieces that do not go out of style.

-We sell Designer labels better but we cater to all budgets. We are not looking for basics or items that have been purchased at a reasonable full-retail price such as Walmart, Kmart and Old Navy.

-Please keep in mind that we are a consignment store, not a thrift store. If you value your clothing enough to SELL them then treat your things like they have value. Please check all pockets (esp. purses and jackets), and make sure there is no fragrance on any garment.

Our consignment hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 10-6

Sunday 12-4

Please do not drop off outside of our consignment hours. We have a limited amount of space and use the non-consignment days to catch up.

What to Expect

When you first walk in you will be greeted by our staff. They will ask you to sign your name in and if you have consigned with us before. If you have not consigned with us before then we will ask you to look over, read and fill out our consignment contract.

Feel free to shop around the store while we look through your items. It generally only takes us a couple of minutes to look over your items to let you know which items we will be able to consign for you and which items we will return to you. Please have your items clean, pressed and on hangers that you don't need back.This will make the process faster and easier. The better your items look, the more likely we are to accept them, the faster they will sell and the more money you will make!

To find out how your items are selling feel free to call us at 636-279-3968 or come in and ask. We have over 5,000 consignors, which means that we have to be very selective with the amount and quality of the items we can accept. Please do not take it personally if we don't accept your items. We donate thousands of dollars worth of clothes to local charities every month! Consigning your clothes helps to keep our landfills free from unused clothing and helps those in need!